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JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7.4

I apologize for putting up another update less than 24 hours after the last one, but I figured if I was going to spend time on this plugin over the weekend, I might as well update the Facebook App configuration guide. Hopefully, it will make the plugin easier to use for people new to Facebook […]

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7.3

This version includes a fix to a bug that was introduced when Facebook updated its Graph API. Also, this version adds a new option to the settings page called “To Facebook ID only.” This feature will limit the posts displayed by the plugin to only posts that were posted directly to the timeline associated with […]

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7.2

Fixed a bug I found where the renew access token check was taking place before the expiration date was stored to the database.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7.1

This is a minor update to add group permissions to the feed. Hopefully, this will solve some of the issues people have had displaying feeds from groups.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7

I have finally added the ability to display more than one feed with the plugin. This is my first attempt at adding this frequently requested feature. There may be some limitations, like only being able to display public posts. Hopefully this will work out for everyone.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.6

Facebook removed the likes count from the feed. This update uses a new method for getting the likes count. Also, comments now display their own likes count.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.5.5

Updated the help section.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.5.4

Hopefully, this update will generate fewer notification emails.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.5.3

Fixed a bug introduced in v1.5.2. NOTE: I encountered a subversion error when I tried to post the latest update to WordPress.org. If you got a message saying “An error occurred while updating. Download failed. Not Found.” please try the update again. It should be fixed now.

JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.5.2

Facebook changed the way they send privacy settings in the feed, so I updated the plugin to account for this. Also, some people were getting the style sheet embedded more than once in their WordPress site, so I fixed that too.

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