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JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.7.3

This version includes a fix to a bug that was introduced when Facebook updated its Graph API. Also, this version adds a new option to the settings page called “To Facebook ID only.” This feature will limit the posts displayed by the plugin to only posts that were posted directly to the timeline associated with the Facebook ID you entered on the settings page.

I would also like to comment on my inability to provide the kind of timely response and support I used to provide. Unfortunately, the responsibilities required of me from my actual job have increased since I first developed this plugin. As such, my ability to break away from work to help plugin users has decreased dramatically. I first developed this plugin for no other reason than I could not find anything in the WordPress Plugin repository that did what I was looking for. However, since then many other plugins have been developed that provide similar functionality. If you need immediate support, I would recommend using one of these alternatives.

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