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JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.2

Just released version 1.2 of the JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed.

23 thoughts on “JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed v1.2

  • Héctor says:

    Hi…. great plugin, but i have the nex message every day and refresh the settings for reset.

    OAuthException: Error validating access token: Session has expired at unix time 1327446000. The current unix time is 1327447924.

    Please Help!!!



  • Shelley says:

    I am getting the same error message on my site

    • Takanudo says:

      I’m not sure why this is happening to some people. Can you give me the following information:

      WordPress version:
      JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed plugin version:
      PHP version:
      mySQL version:

    • Takanudo says:

      I think I have figured out why access tokens are expiring for some people. Facebook is removing offline access which used to make access token never expire. However, there is a workaround. Please try the following:

      1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps
      2. On the left side of the page, click on the name of the app you created for this plugin.
      3. Click on the “Edit App” button at the top right side of the page.
      4. On the left side of the page, under “Settings”, click “Advanced”.
      5. Under the “Migrations” section change the “Deprecate offline access” setting to “Disabled”.
      6. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.
      7. Go to the settings page for the plugin on your WordPress site and click “Save Changes”.
      8. Click “Allow” when you are prompted to give the “Access my data any time” permission to your app.

      Let me know if this fixed your problem.

  • klok says:

    Excellent… It worked!!

  • Paul says:

    I am receiving the same error as above, however when I try the fix you suggested to the resolve the error, I am finding that there is no “Deprecate offline access” option which you had mentioned that I need to disable. Any advice on how to proceed?

  • Paul says:

    Hi Takanudo, I have seemed to resolve this, for now anyway! : ) Thanks for the great app!

  • Chris says:

    thank you so much for finding this!!!

  • Tonny says:

    I dont have “Remove offline access”.
    Thanks for the plugin!!! Great work!

  • Tonny says:

    Thanks Takanudo. Then there is no way than to make new token every 2 month?

    • Takanudo says:

      If you click “Save changes” on the settings page for the plugin, you should get a refreshed token that will expire two months from now.

      • Tonny says:

        Yes, I have done that. The problem is that this is on a website I made for a client and to remember to fix it every two months… well, its not going to happen 😀

        • Takanudo says:

          An email gets sent to the WordPress admin email address reminding you to renew your token, if that helps.

          • Tonny says:

            Sure that helps. I didnt know that because its my client that gets the emails. I have to tell them to remind me. Thanks again and a happy new year!

  • Ryan McGRaw says:

    Hi, I’ve been using your plugin on a clients website http://www.radioactivepromotions.co.uk for about 3 months, I recently received an email telling me the token will expire on March 15? When i do a save in the plugins page – it directs me to Facebook and tells me to try later as an error ocurred.

    I have also received about 10 emails from wordpress to update the plug-in?

    Can you give me any advice with this? Any help would be great thanks.

    • Takanudo says:

      First, go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click “Edit Settings” for the Facebook App you created for the plugin. Make sure the App Domain is radioactivepromotions.co.uk and the Site URL http://www.radioactivepromotions.co.uk. Then, try logging out of Facebook before you click “Save Changes” on the settings page for the plugin.

      • Ryan McGRaw says:


        This didnt work , still telling me there is an error.

        I am also receiving an email every 20 minutes telling me the token will expire?

        Any idea why I could be getting all these emails?

        Thanks again

        • Takanudo says:

          I am able to reproduce the Facebook error if I change my App ID to something invalid. Can you check to make sure your App ID and App Secret match what is on your Facebook App.

          As for why you are getting the email every 20 minutes, I’m not sure. You may get the email every time you click “Save Changes” when your token is about to expire in less than seven days. Otherwise, the email is scheduled to be sent daily when you token is seven days from expiring. You can try installing a plugin like “Cron View” to see how the jsl3_fwf_schedule_hook is scheduled on your WordPress site.

          • Ryan McGraw says:

            Hi, I’ve just noticed that the ID and Secret dont match – do you know why that is? The plugin has worked for about 3 months? If I change this on the plugin settings, will the feed be disabled for any length of time?

            Thanks again, great plugin

          • Takanudo says:

            I’m not sure why your App ID and Secret changed. Have you made any changed to your Facebook App since you installed the plugin? The feed should not be disabled so long as the App ID and Secret match what is on your Facebook App.

          • Ryan McGraw says:

            Great – matched the IDs and key and its working.

            Thanks again

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